This Week: A Rose by Any Other Name

My first goats were named Hope, Dream, Faith, Joy, Grace, and so on.

Then I had to start over. After the fire, my first replacement doeling was Phoenix, a name that signified rising from the ashes. She was joined by Firefly, Felicity, and Phantom; not a "theme" as such but just starting with the same letter/sound.

Now that we have our first kids on the ground, they need names. Rather than use a theme this time, I've decided to follow the American Dairy Goat Association suggested annual tattoo letter as the first letter of their names. Many people use this method; my older doe Ziva was born in the Z year, for instance. ADGA's suggested tattoo letter for 2013 is D.

Registered goats are tattooed for identification purposes. Even though my first herd wasn't registered, I still followed the tattoo guidelines, marking the inside of the ear with the letter of the year and the birth order of the goat, for instance, A3 for the third kid born in 2010.

Ziva's kids will be born in 2014 and will begin with E, but the three pairs of twins born in December will have D names. The oldest two, Felicity's twins, are Delightful (doeling) and Deliverance (buckling). I'm at a loss for names for the other four though.

Do you have any suggestions?

Firefly's kids (above)
Phoenix's kids (below)

Please leave a comment or email me if you have any ideas; my mind is blank. Thank you in advance!

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  1. Love those kids! And I have a few suggestions for names.
    And the boys:
    That was fun, have a great day!

  2. One's got to be named Darlin' (because they are!) Congratulations!

  3. So cute! For Firefly's kids - what about Darling and Dragonfly. For Pheonix's kids you could do Denver and Daytona. For the E girls - Eve, Electra, Eden, Ellie. And the E boys - Echo, Earl (my pony's name and everyone thinks its so funny), Edan, Ezra.

  4. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Dilly and Dandy
    Dumplin and Dante

  5. Anonymous7:58 AM

    How about Darling for Phoenix's doeling, she just looks it! Do Dasher or Dancer fit any of their personalities, since they were born near Christmas?
    Lisa from Sag Harbor

  6. I love all the names that have been suggested! I've also received some by email. If you haven't yet sent in a suggestion, please do. I'll wait till Monday to choose.

  7. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Awh they are so cute!

  8. Thank you, Ann, I think so too!

  9. Ummmm...... stupid question: I see that each twin has both a boy and a girl. Is it usually that way?
    How about Delilah or Daffodil for a girl. I love Annonymous' suggestion of Dasher and Dancer also!

  10. Hi Vickie. It's not a dumb question at all. Over the past 10+ years, most pairs of twins born here have been boy/girl. I've had several sets of boy/boy, but only two sets of girl/girl.

    Thank you for your name suggestions. :-)

  11. You have some great suggestions for names. I like Daisy and Eden for a girl. Echo is pretty cool for a boy :) Whatever you choose will be perfect for each of your cuties!

  12. They're all absolutely adorable. I am preparing for my first kidding season so this is a timely post. Thank you.

    Of the names I've seen posted so far, Darlin, Daisy, Eve, and Eden are my favorites for does, and I like Elvis and Echo for the boys.

    I also like Dandelion, Dafodil, and Dozer.


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