A Slice of My Life

It's been a snowy wonderland around here. 
Tomorrow the mercury is finally supposed to warm up
and we should have a beautiful weekend.


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  1. Very snowy! I like how the dog's tail is in a curly-cue :)

  2. Someone looks pretty happy to be nosing around in the snow! Wishing you warmer temps soon :)

  3. Thank you both, Tammy and Caitlin. Tomorrow! Tomorrow! It will be warmer!

  4. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Oh my! Your dog looks exactly like our dog! I think their faces might be different, but their body shape, color, and fur are identical! I have never seen a dog that looked like ours before.
    You can see what our dog's face looks like at: http://willowcreekfarm.wordpress.com/2013/01/31/our-farm-dog/ but there isn't a photo of him from the side like yours, but they look exactly the same from the side. Curled tail and all.

    Where did you get him? Do you know what breed or breeds he is?

    Ours had a dad that was a chow and mom that was a border collie.

    Interesting to see the similarities!

  5. Hi! Cracker is, believe it or not, half great pyrenees! His father used to belong to us, and is half pyrenees and half all-American mutt; his mother is half pyrenees and half mastiff. Cracker definitely takes after the mastiff bloodlines. I've been told he looks like an Anatolian, a breed of livestock guardian dogs. I did some research and found that the Anatolian is derived from the mastiff, so that makes sense.

    Your Tundra sounds like a great asset to the farm. Cracker is a great coyote dog and is worth his weight in gold (and that's a lot of gold).


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