Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- I was thinking how much calmer my horse herd is these days. We have five, and although the two older geldings argue a bit about who is boss, on the whole the group gets along quite well. I would like to find a home for the youngest horse and have just four, which would calm things down even more.

In the past I've been knocked over a few times by one horse or another, but the horse/human collisions are always the result of a chain reaction caused by another horse. One will threaten a second, who kicks at a third, who runs off a fourth, who runs me over. It's much safer around here now that this behavior has stopped. Reducing the size of the herd and selling a couple of particular individuals has helped.

I've fallen many times in the past ten years for various reasons: knocked over by the afore-mentioned horse, hit in the back of the knees by big running dogs, a hole in the ground, ice, deep snow, mud, slipping on wet grass, and down the front steps. It is a strange feeling to know you're falling. Sometimes you're just suddenly on the ground; other times it's a slow motion movie. I especially "enjoy" the ones where my feet go out from under me and I'm airborne for awhile before hitting the ground. This must be funny to watch. Once I was pulling a huge weed in the front yard that refused to give up... and then it gave up and I went backwards onto my backside. I'm sure I'd entertain the neighbors if I had some. Maybe I should put up a webcam?

-- Last night I heard Cracker barking out front - his "turtle bark" or "armadillo bark". I looked out the door and saw him bouncing up and down in the road as he barked. I grabbed a flashlight and walked to the fence, trying to see what he was worried about. Eventually I saw an erect, fluffy, white tail... and green eyes that reflected the flashlight... and a black and white body that was lunging at the dog... Somehow Cracker escaped being hit; maybe the skunk was just bluffing. He's never had a direct hit although some mornings he smells skunky. He returned to the yard at that point and the skunk went on its way.

-- Charlotte's eggs disappeared during the snowstorms. I'm disappointed, I was looking forward to seeing the spiderlets and the empty egg sac.

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