Spring Seeds

It's time! I've seen signs of spring: there are buds on the elm trees, the pasture has a very faint sheen of green, and we've seen several skunks, which are the first mammals to appear each year.

It's time to begin prep work on the garden, and to buy seeds. I'm a bit of a seed-buying crazy person. I went a bit overboard this month, ordering from three different online companies so that I could get just what I wanted.

My two biggest tips when you are buying seeds are:
1. Do it now, before the varieties you want are sold out.
2. Choose a company that has signed the "safe seed pledge".

Tomatoes and peppers are my weaknesses. There are so many different kinds of tomatoes: beefsteak, slicing or sandwich tomatoes, paste tomatoes, cherry (and grape and currant) tomatoes... all the different colors available such as red and yellow and orange and pink and purple and striped varieties and more... and then there are determinate and indeterminate plants. So many choices.

As for peppers, I want to grow my own cayenne and paprika as well as our usual bell and sweet banana peppers.

I have a new area I want to develop as a garden this year too. I hope I can keep up.

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