Friday Follow-Up

This week:

We had a couple of beautiful days, and one day we even hit a high of 81°F.

I've finally taught the goat kids to follow their mothers to the goat pen to spend the day, or rather, they have finally learned how to walk along nicely with their moms to the pen.

The goat shed received its springtime deep cleaning, and I broke the pitchfork while doing it.

Although the weatherman said that "green up" is still five weeks away, I see a green sheen in the pasture, tiny green leaves on the plum trees but no flowers yet, the irises are up as well as the daffodils. The sand plums look like they will burst into flower very soon. I watched the goat kids mimic their moms, relishing the green grass in the goat pen.

The weather patterns have changed to be more spring-like, even though we're expecting a rain/snow mix this weekend. March is Oklahoma's windiest month, much too strong for kite-flying if you are one who enjoys that pastime. We've had very windy days with gusts up to 50 and 60 mph.

(Back in January 2010, we had a windstorm with straight-line winds that tore the roof off the old makeshift building we used as a goat barn, and tossed the sheep shed into the pond. We're not strangers to high winds.)

The horses have begun shedding; can spring be far behind?


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  1. Just found your blog the other day and am greatly enjoying it. :) I'm in Oklahoma too! Currently still in town, but yearning to get out to the country and start my own little farm.

  2. Hi Rose! I'm so glad you're here. I hope you will soon be able to fulfill your dream of living in the country.


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