Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- Deliverance, the oldest of the buck kids, went to his new home where he will grow up to be a herd sire. Such a beautiful boy.

-- Spring arrived yesterday! The plum trees are just beginning to flower, and the wild peach tree down the road is blooming. The fruit trees are fertilized, the bees are beginning to buzz around the trees, and I'm hoping we've seen our last frost.

I planted the tomato and pepper seeds in their little peat pots. I was late, but better late than never, right?

Last night while feeding the horses, I heard the deep call of a bullfrog. I walked quietly to the pond, stopping for awhile every time the noise stopped to allow the frogs to settle down again. Finally I was rewarded by seeing a large frog hop into the water and splash around a bit. I've heard a bullfrog only one other year, and have never seen one, so this was a treat. I could hear spring peeper frogs at the smaller pond too; I hope to walk out there in the next day or two.

Turtles have been sunning themselves on the pond bank, and a very small one was on the fence wire that divides the pond in two. I've tried so hard to get a good picture of the turtles over the years, but as soon as they feel the vibrations of my footsteps, they disappear into the water. Last year I finally managed to capture this one:

-- Many of you noticed in Sunday's post "Being Thankful" that we have another grandchild on the way. We are very excited and thankful for this new life. Thank you for your good wishes and prayers.


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