Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- I started the goat kids on the herbal wormer. They weren't impressed, but that's the normal reaction from kids, I've found. By Day #2, they didn't fight me quite as much when I opened each mouth and deposited a wormer ball. Their moms can't wait to get theirs, and eventually the kids will look forward to it just as much. Here is how I worm my goats.

-- The daffodils at an old homestead down the road are blooming, and the sand plums on the roadsides are also in bloom. I've spotted a few forsythia bushes full of yellow flowers, and the wild peach trees have beautiful pink blossoms as well.

-- The tomato seeds have sprouted; the pepper seeds have not. There were 3 varieties of peppers, so I'm sure it wasn't just that the seeds weren't viable. Hopefully they will sprout soon.

-- My riding buddy came this week for her first visit since November. The weather really interfered this winter, then I was sick, and then she was sick. It was much too muddy to ride, but we had a good visit.


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  1. My peppers are always slower to come up than the tomatoes, no matter what variety I've planted. They usually aren't more than a week behind, though. Good luck with your garden this year!!

  2. Thank you, Rose. I just can't figure out why 4 varieties of peppers did not sprout - at all. Hopefully they'll be up in a day or two.


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