Creativity... or Not

Sometimes I can come up with creative names for my animals... and sometimes I can't.

The four teenage kittens that recently moved out of my mudroom and into the barnyard are prime examples of that. Their names range from {soft as a} Feather and {faster than a speeding} Bullet, to Tiny and Fuzzy. Stop laughing! I told you I wasn't good at this.


Sometimes animals come with a name, like our horses. Splash is appropriately named: he loves to play in the pond and be squirted with the hose on a hot afternoon. Ella's name when we bought her was Sparkle, but our daughter renamed her. Sparkle was a good name, it really describes her personality, but she is Ella. She even comes when I call her name.

My first goats had names like Hope and Dream, Faith and Joy. I find it easier to think of names within a theme. My current goats have names beginning with F or Ph.

Our daughter is a much better "namer" than I am. She named one litter of kittens Becky, Betsy, Bonita, and Belinda. Another litter was named Mocha, Sugar and Cream. Sugar was later renamed Cinder, after she tried to investigate the burn barrel while we were burning trash, and although she escaped with her life, she lost the tips of both ears.

We had a rooster named Chicken George and another named Beethoven because he crowed the first five notes of Beethoven's Fifth. The mixed hens in the chicken coop now are Speckles, Flower, Nemo (named by our granddaughter), Rosie (a Rhode Island Red), and Star (a Red Star). Prior roosters were Senior, Junior and Trey (as in The Third).


We had a cat named Bunny and a cat named Mouse, a dog named Dawg and a puppy named Puppy. One of my favorite cat names was "Itty Bitty Kitty".


We've had two Juliets, a dog and an alpaca; two Daisys, a dog and one of our current goat kids; and two Ellas, my horse and a cat.

Juliette, the alpaca

I think I'm just hopeless when it comes to names.

What is the most clever name you've come up with?

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  1. We have a pony named Duck, but she came with that name. We have Ferdinand the bull.

    Naming sheep this year should be interesting as they are Icelandic and will have Icelandic names. Last year the lambs names started with the first letter of their moms names. Polly (mom), Penelope, and Poppy (ewe lambs).

  2. Those are great names. It's easier when you have a "framework" to follow, isn't it? I am in love with Icelandic sheep and ponies, but it is a very difficult language!

  3. A cat named Bunny and a cat named Mouse? That's too cute! I try to think of a bunch of names that might work before I adopt the new animal. Once I see them, I pick what name "fits them" best! Right now I have a Duncan, Charlotte, and Milo.

  4. Bunny sort of "hopped" due to an injury before we got him, he'd lost his tail and his back legs didn't work right. It was the perfect name. He was a sweet cat.

    I like your method of thinking of names before the animal even arrives.

  5. I name by alphabet...first foal crop (1) was an A a "T" year. The "Q" year was tough. Have a cow who came named Bella her first calf Q'Ella...her second Ribeye...her 3rd Su'Ella. Q'Ella had her first calf late last year named Stella...

  6. I had a llama born in February this year on my birthday was so neat. I named him George because he's very curious and runs like a monkey.

  7. Our MALE bunny is named Lola Borpy-Piffle Pazoo, PPF

    How's that for unique? Oh, the title - PPF standards for Prolific Poop Factory

    Yes. We went there. ;D

  8. Michelle, using the alphabet or a theme sure makes it easier. Wait till you get to "X" - although my son came up with several great X names for goats. I like that you continued Bella's basic name in her daughter's and granddaughter's names.

  9. Carole, how neat to have a llama born on your birthday!

  10. Sassss, now that has to be the most unique name I've ever come across! What do you call him for short?

  11. Kathy6:50 AM

    Let's see, I have a Felix the Cat (my second Felix) who fits his name perfectly - he is not happy unless he is getting into mischief! Bela and Lugosi were rescued from Hurricane Irene and named by my son (he's an old movie fan). He has also used names from Beatle songs for several cats - Julia, Michelle, Lucy in the Sky. He had a bearded dragon named Confucius, but I called HER Confuchsia. Now he has a scorpion named Jean-Michel after the artist Basquiat.Our guinea pigs were Scooter and Tribble (Star Trek fans will understand that one. Any name will do, as long as the animal responds. Most of our cats have two or more names and answer to all of them.

  12. Kathy, yes, the Trouble with Tribbles...

  13. Cindy McE7:39 AM

    Let's see, we currently have 2 roosters (Pretty Boy) Floyd and (Baby Face) Nelson. We've only named one chiken... Crazy Cora (she's kind of nuts!). We have 2 dogs one is J.J. ( my son, Jason, named him Jason Jr.) and Meri. Meri is short for Merlot, because she whined the first 3 weeks of her life. We used to have a dog name Holly-lujah and another Prissy the Lord.

  14. Those are all great, Cindy. You have the knack!

  15. My cat's name is Attila. I strongly suggest NOT naming animals (especially cats) after violent conquerors.
    Ah well. It does suit him. :)

  16. That's too funny, Christine! And very good advice! I once babysat a little boy named Chase, and I decided that is NOT a good name, unless you love to chase little boys.

  17. Lola, booger, brat, slutterbunny (don't ask, lol), stinker, thief, Mr. Bunnybutt, trouble, lovey, sweetness... Whatever seems to fit the best, say the moment. He doesn't answer to anything, except the sound of a bag crinkling - wherein he insists that he simply MUST help us open it, hence 'thief', lol.

    Carla ;D

  18. How funny, Carla, a rabbit that recognizes the sound of a bag crinkling. Now I have to wonder what kind of bag, is he wanting your potato chips or something? Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids...

  19. Our newest calf is named Panda (she is white faced with red circles around both eyes!)Mootilda (our daughter's friend just had to add that and now it has stuck!)

  20. I like the names, especially the trio of coffee names. ;0)

  21. Thank you, Daisy.

    Yeager Farm, I love that calf's name!

  22. Since I met my husband, our cats are named after Beetles songs.
    Rita (meter maid), Rocky (raccoon) and Lucy (in the sky).

    Thanks for sharing at Tuesdays with a Twist. We hope to see you again this week!

  23. Good names! I like themes. :-)


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