Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- Spring is here, which means that storm season is upon us. I spent one day this week sweeping the leaves and cobwebs out of the storm shelter.

-- For several days I enjoyed the irony of the new little green leaves on the winged elm trees, side by side with last year's leaves on the oaks. Then the spring winds came up and blew the brown, dried oak leaves away. From the top of our hill, I can see trees with white flowers out in the woods, and the first redbud has bloomed along the edge of the hayfield. I am looking forward to this:

-- Each afternoon a roadrunner prowls our front yard. Sometimes I forget to check before I let the dogs out, and they run after it as it crosses the yard and jumps to the top of the gate and over the other side. One day I saw two birds jump the gate into the yard, and I watched as they hunted bugs of some kind in the dormant brown grass. Peck, scratch, peck - just like chickens.

-- Three of the four varieties of pepper seeds I planted have finally sprouted. I'd just about given up on them. The fourth variety wasn't fresh seed. If those don't come up, I'll buy transplants, since it's a general bell pepper type. The others (cayenne, paprika and sweet banana peppers) would be harder to find as transplants, so I'm thankful they have all come up.

-- Skies like this are common during spring and summer. The storms are many miles away, but we are treated to a beautiful display of thunderclouds and can even hear an occasional clap of thunder. My father enjoyed watching clouds boil up like this; he always encouraged me to look around and notice the details.

-- As I stood at the front gate the other day waiting for the mail carrier, a flock of small birds landed in the tall juniper next to me. I believe they were goldfinches in their winter plumage. What a sight to behold! There were so many they bent the branches, and were completely unconcerned about my presence.


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  1. What beautiful pictures, Kathi. Thank you.


  2. Ahhhh Spring. Love it!

  3. Me too! And after this winter, I think we're all happy (or will be, when it finally happens) that spring has arrived, right, Rose? :-)

  4. Oh, very much so! The *only* thing I don't like about Spring is the impending doom of scorching Summer, LOL...

    Also, hurrah for your peppers! Glad they showed themselves at last! :)

  5. I agree with you, Rose. My favorite seasons are spring and fall - one says "goodbye" to winter, the other says "goodbye" to summer!


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