Friday Follow-Up

This week:

--  My tomato and pepper seedlings are growing well and beginning to show their second pair of leaves. I've been transplanting a few at a time into larger pots, consisting of a plastic cup with slits in the bottom. Spring weather is so unpredictable though; It was 81 F on Thursday, and we're expecting a late frost this coming Tuesday.

-- More and more green appears everyday. The flowers on the fruit trees are slowly being taken over by little green leaves. Have you ever noticed that apple trees leaf out first and then have flowers, but other fruits flower first and then the leaves follow?

-- I sometimes wonder what wildlife wanders our place at night. This week I walked down the hill in the mud after Sunday and Monday's rain, and stopped dead in my tracks at the sight of a large deer hoofprint. It looked, of course, like a goat's, but I know it wasn't made by a goat. I found more over the next couple of days. Evidently the deer traveled along the path that runs from the hilltop down to the horse barn. From the size of the prints, it was a big one. Usually I only see deer way out in the hayfield near the tree line.

-- From the smell of things this morning, a skunk was also wandering the hillside during the night. Fortunately Cracker didn't smell like skunk at all.


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  1. You're lucky about Cracker. Pearl, our dog, has smelled like skunk several times lately. Once it was so bad it stunk up the whole barn like it had been sprayed.


  2. Skunk smell is strong! There have been several mornings he has smelled skunky, but fortunately this time the matter didn't seem to involve him.

  3. I did the exact same thing with plastic cups for bigger pots. Ha! Creative frugality for the win! :D

  4. Innovative frugality! I love that you had the same idea, Rose.


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