Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- I was a little worried the other morning when I went out to feed. The horses were nowhere to be seen. As always when that happens, I'm afraid they've gotten out, but as I walked down the hill they wandered out of the barn. I've noticed they are also spending their afternoons in the barn, hiding from the flies. This is their usual summer practice, afternoon naps in the barn. The spot furthest in is the prime choice and they will fight over it; I assume that the flies aren't as bad way back in the barn.

-- The apple trees began blooming this week, and I heard the first call of the whippoorwill Saturday when I let the dogs out before dawn. This is the first place I've lived where there are whippoorwills, and I always smile when I hear them. The sound will always mean "Oklahoma" to me.

-- We mowed the front yard for the first time this week. I won't say "we mowed the grass" because it's mostly henbit and other spring weeds rather than grass. Before hubby started the mower I walked around and picked up all the sticks and bones and the trash that Cracker plays with, enough to fill the wheelbarrow.

-- And while I did so, I noticed that Dragonfly, the smallest of the goat kids, was on the wrong side of the fence, eating the tall lush grass near their gate. Her mama, Firefly, had her head stuck in the gate and was quite upset about her baby being out. I put Dragonfly back in and rescued Firefly from the gate, turned around and headed back to my task. Dragonfly was out again. This time she crawled back under the fence on her own. That one spot is a wooden fence with the bottom board about six inches above the ground. She flattened herself down pretty small to get back under. I fixed that by putting a straw bale against the fence. I'm sure they'll snack on the straw but that's ok.


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  1. Good news is she will get too big to squirm under the fence....

  2. Hopefully she'll be on the right side of the fence when she does. :-)


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