Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- We purchase most of our goat fencing from a factory in Madill, Oklahoma, where they sell "seconds". It's a great way to save some money on a necessary material. The flaw in a roll might be one of several things: some rolls are short (and are priced accordingly), some have a hole, some have another flaw of some kind. Twice we've found
a foot-wide portion that had no vertical wires, just the horizontal ones. Another roll had a small hole, similar to a dropped knitting stitch. Eventually my does found this hole. Ziva widened it so that she could stick her head and neck through it.

This week I went outside one morning and found my buck in the larger pen. I put him back, but an hour later he was out again. I put him back and watched. It wasn't long before he had his head and neck out that hole, then pushed his shoulders through, pulled his front legs through one at a time, and finally his rear legs. That's my fault, since I knew the hole was there and just hadn't fixed it yet, but it's fixed now. I patched it with another piece of fencing from a fence we'd taken down awhile ago.

-- I was shocked to find a green egg in the chicken coop this week. We have two easter eggers which lay green eggs, but both are old hens - nine years old if I remember correctly. One of the hens, Nemo, has been in the nesting box a lot this spring, but I haven't seen a green egg in more than a year. This egg was followed by another two days later.

-- The horse flies are already bothering the horses. I gathered the fly masks from where they've been hanging since last fall, tossed over the top board of one of the stalls. As I pulled the last one through the boards, a tiny baby bird and an unhatched egg rolled out of the mask. I put the mask back quickly, and carefully put the hatchling and the egg back inside. I felt awful about disturbing the nest. I was so glad the next morning to watch the little mama bird fly out of the mask when I went in the stall to give the horse his feed.

So, off we went to buy a replacement fly mask, because I won't disturb the nest now, and I don't know what kind of condition it will be in when the babies leave the nest. Hubby bought masks for all of the horses; previously we only had two masks for the two horses that were bothered the most. Ella got a new mask with ears instead of just holes for her ears to stick out, plus a special mask for her to wear while being ridden. Now I'm training the two horses that think I'm trying to kill them by putting something on their faces.

What were you up to this week?


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