A Slice of My Life

Over the weekend, the current litter of barn kittens grew up enough to jump out of their nest in the hay bales on the flatbed trailer, into the grass below.

I'd mowed that morning, but I hadn't cut close to the trailer because I knew the kittens were old enough to be out of the nest - they'd been thinking about it for a few days, hanging over the edge and judging the distance to the ground - and I didn't want to find one "accidentally" in the tall thick grass.

There are five of them: four grey tabbies and one black, all males.

They played in the "jungle" and under the trailer.

It amazes me that even though they've rarely seen me, they are very friendly. They climbed in my lap, and seemed to enjoy being petted. I've talked to them a lot over the weeks, and I'd reached my arm far into the hay bales to touch them a few times. I'd counted four heads. I was surprised to find a fifth one today.

Black panther.

Such incredibly blue eyes. They will change, of course. They'll most likely turn green.

They are about four weeks old. Now that they are "out", I am offering solid food: canned cat food mixed with goat milk to a sloppy consistency.

They're not eating much yet, but their mama is eagerly cleaning up their leftovers.

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