Follow-Up Friday

This week:

-- Devlin, one of the buck kids, went to his new home, where he will be a herd sire when he grows up. Hubby and I enjoyed meeting his new owners.

-- I saw this the other day and laughed. Oh dear, I thought, how many people have I inspired to get goats? I might be in trouble...

-- Our last average frost date is April 3rd, but I usually wait another week or so to put cold-sensitive plants outside, just in case. This year we had several late frosts and freezes, then it rained when I had time to plant, and then I was sick again, so my garden is late. Some plants are in, but more are not. Dave's Garden says "You are almost guaranteed that you will not get frost from April 16 through October 14". Yesterday - May 1st - we had a low of 37 degrees - it wasn't frost but it was sure close. Beginning on Sunday we are supposed to have at least five days in a row in the mid-90's. I don't think I'm going to get any cold weather crops at all.

This year with the water shortages in California where so much of our nation's food is grown, as well as GMO concerns and high grocery prices, I'm enlarging the garden and growing more than usual - if I can keep it all alive over the hot, dry summer. I'm using a soaker hose this year and I hope it will help. This is serious business.


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  1. We are growing more too, this year. Gardening is not one of my favorite homestead projects but for the reasons you mentioned we are going to try to grow more of our own food.

  2. It's not my favorite homestead project either, Sandra - I much prefer the animal side of things - but it's just as important! Good luck to you on this year's garden.

  3. When I was young (7 or 8), my mom insisted on having a garden that I believed to be wastefully large. As I've grown up, I've realized that her garden, is really not as big as it could be.

    Last year she put so many plants in, that some of them were crossing over into other rows. I expect to do something similar again this year, although unfortunately we cannot grow corn again (the fields being rented out are too close to the garden and would cross pollinate).

    On the upside, my husband has ordered 5 bee hives and those are supposed to arrive soon, as well as thinking seriously of getting pigs, at least one cow again. While growing up, we kept enough hogs to feed us through the winter and a cow for the milk, butter, cheese etc. but when I married and moved away to CA the livestock went by the wayside.

    Now that we're back, we're attempting to convince my folks to get livestock of that sort again.

    Whatevers, anyway, good luck with your garden! I hope it turns out as fabulous as you're envisioning!

  4. How nice that you are back home now, Heidi, and can do these things again! I'm laughing at your mom's "too big" garden, I can see where a child who has to help with the weeding would think that. :-)

  5. I would love to get goats eventually! Not much grows here over the summer, but we do get two short seasons on either side :) I don't have much in the garden right now though because the darn ground squirrels took out my spinach and carrots :( I did pull some yummy garlic today that appears to be ready!

  6. Heidi, we had a similar problem last year: it was so hot that everything quit growing during the hottest part of the summer. It must be a whole different ball game growing in just spring and fall?


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