Friday Follow-Up

This week in pictures:

Ezekiel, napping in the feeder. When it gets turned upside down, he tap dances on top of it. He is a bit of a naughty child and has learned quickly how to make his mommy anxious.

I didn't know it was possible to transplant sunflowers. This one would have been run over the next time we used the flatbed trailer, so I thought I'd give it a try. The big leaves are droopy, but there are plenty of young leaves coming on strong, four days after transplanting. It's just a wild sunflower but I wanted to save this one if I could. I have other domesticated varieties growing in the back of the garden, but they aren't this big yet.

When I was hardening off some of the tomato plants, I put them in the wheelbarrow and parked them under a fruit tree for shade and for protection against predicted hail. I could easily move them into the sun or shade as needed.

My rose bush usually begins blooming on or near Mother's Day. This year the first blooms opened on May 19th. I really pruned it hard this year, and it is blooming profusely. The flowers don't last long, but it blooms off and on all summer.

The blooms change colors as the days go by, from orange-y pink to pink to dark pink.

Baby plums! There aren't many, due to the late frost we had, but there are a few. 

Also this week:
The blackberries are in bloom. The dewberries bloomed about three weeks ago. Both were just covered with flowers, I hope we have rain at the right time to have good, plump berries this year.

Something has been nibbling on my little lettuce plants. I think it's one of the dogs. 

The baby birds in the fly mask nest in the barn have grown up and flown away. 

What's new in your neck of the woods?


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  1. Beautiful pictures!! Question about blackberries - do you prune yours back at the end of the season? If

  2. Rose, my blackberries are wild - big thickets of them in several places on our property - so no, I don't prune them. I probably should so they won't take over! I've read that they flower and fruit on two-year-old canes, if that is any help. I'm not sure how to tell which canes are two years old when you're pruning though, maybe you could mark the ones that fruit this year and know that you can cut them off at pruning time.

  3. Enjoyable post. Oh fresh blackberries, they sound yummy.
    How neat you were able to transplant and save your sunflower.
    Pretty roses.

  4. Thank you for commenting, Ida, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos.


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