Friday Follow-Up

This week:

- Do you know the difference between A1 and A2 milk, and why it's important? You can find out at Quality Homegrown Milk from Thoughts from Frank and Fern.

- We've had some much-needed, wonderful rain this week. I managed to get the green beans planted before the rain arrived, and scattered some "hay" seeds in the hayfield as well. I bought some beautiful hay last year; every time I fed the horses seeds would remain on the bottom of my wheelbarrow, so each day I gathered them all up and saved them to plant again. Native grasses, wild oats, and yellow hops, plus more that I don't recognize make hay the horses and goats both enjoy.

- I've been hearing bob white quail the past few mornings as I worked in the garden. Last evening I heard "bob white" again - in the middle of a mockingbird's medley. It brought back a fond memory of standing on the porch with my father, listening to a mockingbird in our suburban neighbor's tree. We were sure it was imitating the sound of a blender.

- With the cool mornings I've been spending most of my time in the garden. I'm certain it's the best spot of bermuda grass on the homestead; I'm constantly pulling out roots. With the crazy spring weather, the tiller that refused to work, and my fencing-out-the-dog problems, I'm really late getting everything in the ground, but it's getting done. The tomatoes and peppers look great, and everything else is beginning to come up finally. I am enjoying this morning time, listening to the birds sing and watching the goats in their pen.

- Sometimes I find a grub in the dirt while I'm digging. I give them to the chickens, who argue over this meaty snack. It's about time for them to emerge from the ground as June bugs, and when they do, I put a bucket of water underneath the porch light to collect the beetles that fall in overnight. The chickens love those too: free high-protein chicken feed.

What's up at your place?

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  1. Ohhh, I love your method of junebug trapping! I'll have to do that and take them to my mother-in-law's chickens...

  2. Rose, it works amazingly well, and I discovered it by accident. I put the dog's water bowl under the porch light and each morning it was full of June bugs. The wider your bucket, the more you might catch. Chickens don't care whether the bugs are alive or drowned.

  3. The garden is growing leaps and bounds with all this rain. Now we just need some sunshine. It's time to dust the canner off and get ready to put up the harvest. The first batch of cilantro came out of the dehydrator last night. The frig is getting over run with milk again, so the summer cheese making is underway. It's a great time of year.


  4. Fern, we didn't get as much rain as you did, but every little bit helps - the garden loves it. You sound very busy!


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