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June 11, 2014

Eggs and the Lack Thereof

I had to buy a dozen white eggs the other day. I've gathered just one lovely brown egg in over a week from my chicken coop.

I think it's the younger rooster. He seems to be hanging around, waiting for an egg to hit the ground, so to speak. Somebody's eating them, and he is my first suspect. Maybe one or more of the hens is helping him.

And maybe there's a snake too - last summer there was a sudden dramatic drop in egg production that was mysterious until I found this black snake curled up in the corner of the coop. Can you see the egg it swallowed? The snake is dead, by the way. I dragged it out of the coop to take the photo. Normally I let black snakes live, but not if they're inside the chicken coop.

Black snake

I only have three hens left after the predator attack a couple of weeks ago. One is nine years old and probably doesn't lay very often anymore. She lays green eggs, and I haven't seen one in a long time. The other two are about four years old.

Just two years ago my refrigerator was full of these. Now I'm buying eggs.

I need to replace them all. There is no point in feeding chickens if I'm not getting any eggs.

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  1. We have been buying eggs, thankfully I have a friend who sells me her homegrown eggs :)

  2. Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead6:11 AM

    At least you are still getting homegrown eggs, Sandra, and supporting a small farmer. :-)

  3. Have you had an 'egg eater' problem before? What are you going to do to figure out/solve it if that's really what's happening? (I'm a first-time chicken keeper and wondering so I can mentally note what you do for future use!)

  4. Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead6:19 PM

    Production was down last year too, but I knew that was partly because my hens are old. I had twice as many hens last year. Then one day, no eggs at all. I knew that was caused by an egg-eating snake, and eventually I did find him in the coop and shot him.

    My answer to egg-eating chickens - when I know for sure which one it is - is to get rid of the chicken! They unfortunately teach the other chickens to eat eggs too.

  5. Having to buy eggs when you have chickens is always depressing! We have definitely been there for one reason or another... We had a gila monsters in our coop area for awhile :( But a hoe and the strong hands of my husband took care of that...

  6. Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead6:01 AM

    A gila monster, Jes! Oh my, I can handle a snake but I don't know if I could deal with that. Three cheers for your husband!

  7. I have 13 hens, 7 or 8 coming 2 year olds and the rest are older, 4 or 5 years. I get 13 eggs every other day and 7-8 on the off day.

    I too need to get a new batch of hens. I went several months over the winter with no eggs. I'm lucky to have a neighbor gal that sold me eggs so I did't have to buy any from the store.

    Good luck with your hens.

  8. Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead1:43 PM

    Robyn, your girls are doing pretty well considering! I've not had eggs for several winters.

  9. Oh, too bad. It must be difficult to buy eggs when you're used to having your own.
    Thanks for sharing this on The Maple Hill Hop!

  10. Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead4:10 PM

    Thanks for hosting the hop, Daisy!


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