Friday Follow-Up

This week:

- It's been hot and humid this week, and Ella is once again cooling off in the water trough (watch the video below!) The ground around the trough is always muddy and the water bill always goes up in the summer. If I set up a sprinkler in the pasture, I'm sure Ella and Splash would play in it.

- Phantom, my buck goat, has decided that the weeds are greener on the other side of the fence, so I've been spending a lot of time fixing and strengthening the fences. I still don't know how fence companies can call their fencing "no climb" when both my goats and my horses have climbed it at one time or another. I've had to resort to adding a horizontal t-post at the top of each section of the fence, reaching from one upright t-post to the next one, and wiring the fabric to it to keep it rigid. This seems to be working - so far.

- The season's first polyphemus moth was under the porch light one morning. Poor thing, it seems to have lost one of its antennae. 

- For the past couple of weeks I've been gardening at a furious rate trying to catch up, and I think I have finally managed to plant what needs to be planted. The green beans are up and doing well, the sunflowers are beginning to break ground, and the tomato plants look spectacular. I'm still waiting on the carrots and beets to sprout, and I just planted several different varieties of beans and squash so it will be awhile before they are up. I'm going to lose a sweet pepper plant, but the others are doing well. The lawn needs mowing again before I lose the washtubs where I planted onions and lettuce, the grass is that high.


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