Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- The dogs were very interested in this one evening:

This tarantula is slightly different from the ones that we usually see, it has a skinnier body. The coloring seems the same though. I wonder if it's the difference between male and female? We've seen two already this week; some summers we don't see any at all.

-- I've finally finished mulching the garden with cardboard and spoiled hay. I know, using hay can result in weeds from seeds in the hay, but I already have the hay and might as well use it. Any such weeds are usually easy to pull.

-- Birds have built a nest on top of the electrical box under the gooseneck of my horse trailer. I've scared them away many times as I walk past to the garden gate, but last night the two parent birds were divebombing me. The eggs must have hatched.

-- I'm so happy with the progress of the tomato plants in the garden. I noticed this week that there are funny-shaped baby tomatoes on the yellow pear plants. I can't wait for tomatoes!

-- The grasshopper plague has begun. I see damage on the bean plants as well as on some of the herbs. Last year they killed a peach tree, a nectarine tree, and a couple of tomato and pepper plants. War has been declared.

-- The metal recycling guy came back twice this week and ALL of the junk metal is now gone. Never did we imagine that we'd be able to get rid of it all. It took six long flatbed trailer-loads to cart it all off. It was a blessing to us, and a blessing to the man who was out of work and needed money.


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  1. Oh my goodness, where on earth do you live that you see spiders like that just crawling around!?

  2. Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead5:57 AM

    Rainy, it's a tarantula, about 4" from front toe to back toe. We live in Oklahoma, but we'd occasionally see them in California when I was a child.

  3. How do you do battle with your grasshoppers, Kathi? We have some happily chewing some holes in our sunflower plants, but not doing any major damage. I was surprised to hear they had killed a couple of your trees. Good luck with the war.


  4. Never have seen one over my way...and only 2 scorpions in 11 years but at work we have scorpion invasion.

  5. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Do y'all have any remedy for the grasshoppers? They are doing a job on some of our veggies and I think a plum tree. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

  6. Kathi @ Oak Hill Homestead6:32 PM

    When I realized last year that they were also going to kill an Apple tree, I resorted to an "organic" spray that said it was safe to use even on day of harvest. Did I eat any of the apples after using it? No, but I did save the tree. Right now I'm dusting the affected plants with flour and hoping that will work. We'll see.

  7. Kathi6:35 PM

    Michelle, sorry about the scorpions at work. I've only seen two so far this summer.

  8. oh my! No thank you on the tarantulas. :) My skin crawled just looking the hairy little guy. Hooray for the tomatoes and the metal removal though!! Happy Friday!

  9. Kathi8:09 PM

    Happy Friday to you too, Staci. :-)


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