Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- Hubby and I have continued cleaning up the pile of junk left when the recycling guys took all our scrap metal. Charred wood, baling wire, and melted plastic were left behind. We piled up the wood, and disposed of the plastic and little bits of metal. Hubby used the tractor to level out the area, and he and Granddaughter have begun work on a brick firepit in which we'll burn that pile of wood. We are looking forward to having this ugly corner of our yard reclaimed.

-- I moved my buck goat out of the doe pen in mid-June and I did it just in time! He REEKS, and his head is sticky and dirty (if you have goats, you know why; the rest of you really don't want to know!) He's definitely in rut.

-- We have red tomatoes! I brought four orange tomatoes into the house to finish ripening, and there are several more beginning to change color on the vines. I had the first red one for breakfast one morning this week. All are on the "Homestead" variety plants. The other varieties are loaded with green tomatoes but they're not changing color yet.

-- I've been blanching and freezing sweet corn for the freezer. Hubby bought it from a local farmer one evening on his way home from work. Vacuum sealing corn can be a challenge because of the moisture in the kernels. Putting the ears in the freezer for an hour, then into the Foodsaver bags and sealing them works well.

-- Granddaughter and I were in the kitchen one afternoon; I looked out the window and saw a bob white quail. I haven't seen quail in several years, although I've been hearing the distinctive "bob white" some mornings this summer. I hope this one was eating grasshoppers as it weaved and pecked its way across our front yard.

-- This week I ran a poll on Facebook, asking which blog format readers preferred: (1) reading the whole post on the blog's home page, (2) an excerpt on the home page and a jump ("click here") to read the rest of the post, or (3) the whole post on the home page except for Thursday's blog hop - a really long post - which would have a jump to the rest of the post. Option #3 was the favorite, so for now, each day's whole post will be visible on the home page, except Thursday's blog hop. Thank you for voicing your preference!

-- Recently, Staci at Life at Cobble Hill Farm included Oak Hill Homestead on a list of her favorite homesteading blogs! Check out her list, maybe you'll find some new favorites too.


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  1. Kathi...I have seen 2 Bobwhite quail in the last week in 2 different being Mom's yard.

  2. Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead8:22 AM

    We had quite a few quail when we first moved here, Michelle, but the last 5+ years I've rarely seen any. This year they are back. I've seen several at a neighbor's a mile away, and heard them near us, but this was the first one I've seen on our place in quite awhile.

  3. Such a lovely, lovely post -- I love little glimpses into other homesteaders lives:). Blessings, Kelly-Anne

  4. Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead3:04 PM

    I really enjoy this kind of post from other homesteaders too, Kelly. :-)


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