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Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- We had visiting cows again, three black heifers that wandered up and down the cross-fencing and then went through the pond and into our hayfield. When we moved here, our new neighbors were quite upset that we had goats. "They'll be out all the time" and "they'll be in the road," we heard. I think it's quite comical that my goats have not been a problem, but the neighbors' cows have been. We've had cows on our property belonging to four different neighbors. To be fair, my horses did escape once and visit a neighbor's hay meadow, and our dog wanders all over the countryside.

-- The mozzarella I made topped a homemade pizza on Monday night. Fern wanted to know how I made it. I use the recipe for my Italian herb bread for the crust, topped with barbecue sauce instead of pizza sauce. I grated the homemade mozzarella, then added sliced leftover chicken from the night before, peppers - sweet, bell, and serrano - and onions from the garden, and baked it at 350F for 20 minutes or so. The cheese melted beautifully and the pizza was delicious.

-- I know that disbudding goats is a hot topic, with a lot of passion on both sides. This is why I disbud my kids: this week I sold one of the buck kids, Ezekiel. As the buyer picked him up to carry him to the truck, the kid threw his head back and banged the top of his skull into the side of my face. I heard a THUD, and ended up with a sore jaw, a bad headache, and a black-and-blue patch on my face. Can you imagine if he'd had horns? Can you imagine that instead of my face, he'd hit a child or grandchild? I know we all have our reasons for disbudding or not disbudding; this is mine. Let's not judge each other for our decisions.

-- Cracker, our coyote-chasing dog, killed an adolescent raccoon yesterday behind the barn. My riding buddy and I witnessed the short tussle from horseback. Cracker was the clear winner, and had not a mark on him. He watched the corpse for awhile - maybe he thought it would come back to life as a zombie or something. It was kind of creepy to think that the raccoon was in the brush less than 15 feet from the round pen where we were riding.

-- I hadn't ridden Ella in a couple of months, but she acted like I'd been on her the day before. Have to love a horse like that!


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  1. I've never heard of pizza with barbeque sauce, Kathi. It looks yummy. Now I need to go make some cheese. Thanks for the recipe and the link.


  2. Fern, we are big fans of BBQ sauce on pizza. We like it much better than the usual pizza or spaghetti sauce.

  3. Anonymous8:57 AM

    my mom had problems with 1 person's cattle getting out all the time, she would call the person and a week or two later he would come and get them. So after several months of this Mom called and told him that if he did not pick up his cattle with in 2 hours and keep them home
    she would take them to the stockyards and sell them. she never had this problem again.


  4. I've known friends who've done that as well. I guess it depends on the situation and who it is. I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that, myself. I did suggest that he remember to shut my gate when he moves his cows off my place, but I guess he forgot again. I might have to suggest it more emphatically next time. He always offers to pay for any damages they might do when they're here.

  5. The Pizza sounds good and looked yummy. The head butting goat did not sound fun at all. Nice shot of your horse. Wow a dog killing a raccoon, they can be nasty creatures if provoked. I'm happy you dog came out without a scratch.

  6. Ida, I'm very thankful that the dog didn't sustain any kind of injury too! Thank you for your comment.


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.