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August 1, 2014

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- We had another full day of rain this week, just as we did ten days ago, with cooler temperatures down in the 70's. What a blessing in the height of summer! However, our internet has been down ever since that Wednesday storm, so I'm at the library finishing up this post. It posted this morning but was incomplete!

-- We've passed the halfway point of the year, and are headed downhill to winter. We've been buying hay, and were gifted with three round bales of last year's hay from a friend. The prediction for this winter is above average precipitation and below average temperatures: cold and snowy, just like last winter. That means we'll probably need more hay than usual.

-- It's time to plant the fall garden. I always have trouble remembering to plant for the fall because it's the height of summer and so very hot, but this year other people reminded me and I'm thankful for them. I've planted turnips for animal feed, and a first sowing of spinach; still to go in the ground are beets, broccoli, cabbage and more.

-- With all the rain we've had in July the world is so very green, wild and lush. Weeds and brush are tall and thick, and the horses still have plenty of grass in their pasture.

-- When she went home, Granddaughter made a batch of jam bars and entered them in her county fair, and won second place.


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  1. I wondered about this post earlier! LOL it seemed slightly abrupt. Glad you got to post the rest. :)

    I desperately need to compost and mulch, and then I might think about a fall garden. I've never done one before, is it hard??

  2. This is my first fall garden too, Rose. :-)

  3. Oh! Well we can fumble through together then, eh? I look forward to your update. :D

  4. It's good to have support and company, right, Rose?


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