Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- It amazes me how much Scooter has grown in just five weeks. I think he's doubled in size, and no longer looks like a little puppy. He's a bit bigger than the cats now, and loves playing with them when he's outside. He's nicer to them than our border collie Sissy is. He and Sissy are good friends and will nap together in her crate in the afternoon, but usually he's under my chair, or is following me through the house. Pete, who is Scooter's older brother, is a bit jealous, but I'm careful to give him plenty of special attention.

-- After last week's heavy rain and cool temperatures, our weather is back in "summer mode". My rose bush is confused and has begun blooming. The mosquitoes have come out in droves. It's hot.

-- It seems so strange to be planting cool weather crops in a fall garden when it's so hot outside and the tomatoes are producing like crazy, but that's what I'm doing this week.

-- The herb garden is finally filling in and looking the way I visualized it. This is my basil plant at dusk after a very hot day, so the leaves are curled up a bit. It just had a drink and will look prettier in the morning, which is when I should have taken this picture instead.


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