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The Great Zucchini Blog Hop

 ~~ It's the Great Zucchini Blog Hop! ~~

Zucchini - that most prolific of garden vegetables! According to an old joke, if you leave your car unlocked during zucchini season, your neighbors are likely to "gift" you with bags and bags of zucchini in the back seat when you're not looking. I've never had that happen, but I've sometimes watched folks at church avoid zucchini growers on Sunday, having already had their fill of squash!

I've never grown zucchini - I've never had a garden big enough to grow all that I want to grow, and zucchini is a sprawler as well as not being way up top of my list. One of my daughters grows it each year; she grates up extra zukes and freezes them, later adding them to baked goods and spaghetti sauce. She's talked me into giving it a try and next year I'll be including it in my expanded garden.

In honor of this wonderful squash, Lisa from the Self-Sufficient HomeAcre, and hostess of our weekly HomeAcre Hop, is holding a Great Zucchini Blog Hop, and I'm joining in. I want to know your favorite variety, your growing tips, and how you use zucchini - since next year I hope to have a surplus.

Don't make your neighbors run and hide in fear of yet another zucchini! Look here for tips to use up all those extras. Zucchini-related posts of any kind are welcome, even those in your blog archives. Don't have a blog? Leave a comment with your favorite tips or recipe. I hope you'll join in ...

~~ The Great Zucchini Blog Hop! ~~


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  1. Thanks for hosting! Looking forward to checking out some of these other recipes!

  2. Cassie, thank you for stopping by and for your comment. Your zucchini lasagna looks wonderful! I hope you find a few new recipes too.


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