A Slice of My Life

Pete, my English shepherd;
Scooter's big brother.

He doesn't look very happy in this picture.
It almost seems as though he's looking down his long nose at us. 


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  1. He's very handsome. I love his coloring/markings.

  2. Thank you, Ida. He's a very handsome boy.

  3. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Your dog is so pretty. I would love to have one.


  4. Thank you, Betty. I know where there are two female English Shepherd puppies for sale in Oklahoma... :-)

  5. We were blessed with a pup from our neighbor, a herding dog with one blue, thus we named her Blue. Your dog is beautiful!

    I want to invite you to a Sunday (or any time it is convenient) link-up titled "First Day Praise" where we have the opportunity to link a post giving thanks for the many blessings of the previous week. My blog link is http://gracefaithandgenerosity.blogspot.com/

    It is nice to meet a blogger in my age bracket! LOL ;)
    Mrs. C

  6. A good dog is definitely a blessing. Thank you for the invite, I'll stop in and visit!

  7. Betty, I sent you an email with contact info for the litter of English shepherds but it was returned to me. I hope you'll contact me again.

  8. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Had a wonderful suprise when I got in today. My husband had a friend pick up a puppy from a breeder in Illinois. She looks just like your's. Her name is Gracie.


  9. How sweet of him, Betty. Hug that puppy!


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