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A Slice of My Life

Cayenne paprika pepper plant in the herb garden.
For the longest time - months, in fact - there was one yellow pepper,
which turned red two weeks ago. Now there are four more, just as big
as the first one, that have appeared rather suddenly.
I'm glad I'll have more than one cayenne paprika to harvest.
(Thank you, Fern, for identifying this for me. 
This is my first year growing both cayenne and paprika 
and I evidently mixed up the markers.)


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  1. Hi Kathi. Isn't that a paprika in the picture? The cayenne that I have grown is long and slender.


  2. Fern, since this is the first time I've grown it, and I have both cayenne and paprika, I trust that you are right and the markers are backwards! I'll fix that in my post AND in the garden. Thanks!

  3. It's fun to gather your own produce that you grow. We just don't have the time, energy or space for a garden here. Thank goodness we have lots of local produce. Enjoy those peppers.

  4. There are seasons in life, Ida. I'm glad you have access to local produce since you are unable to garden right now.

  5. Anonymous7:45 PM

    update on the dead goat. Finally,
    I told them if the goat was not gone by 5pm the next day I would call the law. I have been cursed,
    they said they would whip my a**.
    It's been rough the past week, until Mr. Statetropper paid them a visit and now all is calm.

    Have a great night!!

  6. Well, I'm glad they took care of it, Betty, even though it took a call to the local law.


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.