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September 19, 2014

Friday Follow-Up

Our county fair has ended. I typed the results of the fair winners, edited my photos, and sent them all to the newspaper. I tracked down the poultry judge to fill out a needed paper. I wrote reports and did the banking and paid the fair's bills.

And I realized that the biggest category of entries at our little county fair this year was canning. I find that rather fascinating - and encouraging too. I'm thankful that the "old time arts" are making a comeback.

I learned how to turn off the water to the house when we had a hot water tank issue. I cleaned the mudroom because of that issue.

I chased down the two horses who escaped from the pasture one morning. At least I knew where to look for them the next day when they were missing again. They're telling me that grass is getting scarce in the pasture; in other words, summer is over. Now that my neighbor has moved his cows home for the winter, I shouldn't have any more bovine visitors, and I can let my horses out into the hayfield soon to graze for the winter.

Our weather has gone up and down and it seems as though fall is here. The elm trees have yellowing leaves and the weeds are beginning to die back. We've had some cool nighttime temperatures.

Autumn is my favorite time of year. I know it means the eventual end of the garden and cold weather to come, but it's the season that appeals to me most, that gladdens my heart and tugs at my soul.

The fall wind pattern has arrived and the wind has knocked over my only Arkansas Traveler tomato plant several times. I think I have the tomato cage stabilized now; I used tent pegs and tied the cage to them with baling twine. I still haven't had a red tomato off that plant, but it's loaded with green fruit now so I am hopeful that I will be able to taste one before our first frost.

Are you preserving everything you can get your hands on? I've been drying basil this week, and I have a gallon of yellow pear tomatoes to turn into sauce... but I can't find the recipe online that looked so good...


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  1. Thank you for another inspiring post. My husband and I were just discussing moving to a place with more land. We've outgrown our little place and it's time to get more self-sufficiant

  2. Mary, I hope you are able to find the perfect place. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Busy busy.... glad you have the fair all wrapped up. I noticed lots of canned items and that photography was way down.
    Wish we could have spring and fall year round!

  4. I agree, Michelle. Fall is my favorite with spring a close second. Too bad that are so short here in Oklahoma.

    Yes, photography was way down this year -- and coincidentally I didn't enter any photos, and of course neither did you. I think we used to make up half of the entries.


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