Momentarily Missing

I went out to feed and milk the goats the other morning, and checked on the horses in the pasture. I saw 3 of the 5 that should be there. Sheik whinnied twice. His favorite companion of the five was right next to him, so it struck me as odd. Sheik lets me know when things aren't right. He whinnied again, and I decided to go see if the other two were sleeping in the barn. I was sure they would be. I kept telling myself that of course they would be in the barn.

But they weren't. My heart dropped as I scanned the far corner of the pasture and did not see them. I looked out in the hayfield and didn't see them. They are both distinctive, one a black and white paint and the other a palomino paint, so they are easy to spot. The gate to the hayfield was closed, and the fence on that side looked intact.

On a woody hillside

I walked the perimeter of the pasture checking the rest of the fences. Behind the chicken coop I found a suspicious spot where the field fence had been pulled down, but there were two strands of barbed wire on top. I decided this must be where they'd gone through, and that they were on the other half of our property, mostly woods but with some nice clearings of grass. I set out on foot but did not find horses, hoofprints, or "sign" (you know, poop). I checked the dirt road in front of the house in both directions but did not find any trace of them, which was a relief. If they'd gotten out on the road, who knows how far they might have gone.

After a quick stop back in the house to get the keys to the ATV, I planned to go out and check on the back gate that our neighbor has sometimes left open when he retrieves his errant cows from our hayfield. And there they were, out in the hayfield after all. They must have been right up behind the pond bank or down in a hollow when I'd scanned the field, but that weak spot in the fence had misled me into thinking they'd gone a different direction. After a little convincing they finally agreed to come home for breakfast.

At least when they were missing again the next morning, I knew where to look for them. That palomino paint is nicknamed HH - "Houdini Horse".

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  1. Oh what a scare, glad they were ok. Beautiful horses.

  2. Thanks, Terry. The HH gets out every so often but is always just on the other side of the fence, never out of sight like this. It was frightening!

  3. Oh my, aren't they gorgeous!!! So glad you found them safe and sound. They'll have to find a new hiding place!

  4. Whew! I'm glad they were so close, and you didn't have to take your hint on the road!

  5. Thank you, Daisy. I hope they stay put, but if they have to roam, let's let them play in the hayfield that's fenced and is safe. :-)

  6. These are beauties. So glad they really weren't "missing" and that you found them.

  7. Oh, thank goodness you found them...They sure are beautiful.. What a blessing to look out your window each day and see them! Thank you for sharing your blessings with us on the FGF blog Hop!

  8. Thank you, Debbie. I enjoy the Farm Girl Friday hop each week.

  9. Oh I can sympathies with you. We have a limber lips arab who can undo gates. The other day I thought a fence line was down cause they where in the wrong pasture. Nope some horse unlocked the gate. The thing is we haven't even got to the miniature pony's antics! Have a great weekend!

  10. "Limber Lips", I love that. Sounds like the perfect nickname.


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