The Herb Garden in Late September

September has just streaked past and October is nearly here. A week ago I let the vegetable garden go, since the only things still growing - kind of - were the pepper plants. On the next nice cool day I'll be pulling the dead tomato and pepper plants and will begin winterizing. I have a heavy load of goat shed bedding to spread on top, to decompose over the winter. Hopefully it will improve the soil for next year. Gardening in Oklahoma is challenging.

The herb garden is winding down as well. Before the first frost, I'll take the pots of perennial herbs indoors for the winter. Rosemary, mint, catnip and oregano will have to fight for space in the few windows that the cats can't reach. The kitchen windowsill is already full of lemon balm, lavender, aloe vera and a few houseplants.

Cinnamon basil

The cinnamon basil has gone to seed, but I'm still harvesting leaves from the dark opal and sweet basil plants. I've dried lots of it, and am now freezing leaves in ice cubes trays with water, to use in soups and sauces over the winter. The purple basil never grew taller than four inches. It has a different smell and taste and I've not harvested leaves from it.

I've been harvesting the calendula flowers and air-drying the petals, but I've also left some flowers to go to seed.

The zinnias are still blooming profusely. I've left the old blossoms so that they can produce seed; I'd like to plant this variety again in the spring. It's probably a hybrid, so next year's plants may not be the same type and color as this year's plants, but hopefully it will still be productive and colorful. It has some sentimental value too. I don't know the name of the variety so I can't go buy seeds.

In the past I've had trouble keeping rosemary alive, but look at this plant. It not only survived, it's thriving. There's a lot of new growth and I hope to propagate a new plant or two.

This is the second planting of oregano. I planted seeds in spring, and although they sprouted, the seedlings never grew any taller than an inch. Eventually they died, and I planted more seeds about a month ago. The tallest of these is four inches tall now. I'm glad it's a perennial that I can take inside for the winter, so that it can continue to grow.

Although my outside cats ignore the catnip, my inside cats love it. Several times I've brought in a sprig of it and watched Tink, Collins and Colby roll on the floor and play with it, their eyes glazed. I'll dry a lot of this and use it to make cat toys. This pot is too big to bring indoors, but I will try transplanting one of the smaller plants into a smaller container.

In the tubs near the garden, the cayenne peppers are rapidly turning red. This one plant has been a really good producer. The paprika peppers are still growing and haven't yet begun to change color; I hope they will before we have our first frost. The lettuce I planted has been eaten by something - a caterpillar or snail I think - the leaf veins remain but the leaves have been eaten away.

Nearby, the Arkansas Traveler tomato continues to grow, and the number of green tomatoes increases daily. One smallish tomato is finally turning red. I hope I can taste a vine-ripened tomato before the first frost. I know I can take them inside and ripen them, but they taste so much better when they ripen on the vine.

Since my other tomato varieties have already died, this one tomato plant will be my guinea pig this winter. Once again I'm going to take some cuttings and see if I can overwinter them in the house so I'll have a jumpstart on spring. I've done it before, but last year the cuttings died off rather quickly. This is a different variety; we'll see how they do.

How did the container herb garden work out this first year? Great! I will definitely do this again next year. I have a list of more plants I'd like to add next spring. I've learned that some plants can't handle the hot sun in this location, so I will try them in new places next year. The lemon balm and lavender preferred to be in the house all summer. Gardening is definitely a learning experience.


What are your favorite herbs to grow in the garden?

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  1. This is a beautiful post, Kathi. I love your pictures! Thank you for linking up to #TGP- Tuesday Garden Party. :-)

    1. Thank you for visiting and for your kind words, Michelle.

  2. My yarrow is still going strong but most everything else is showing signs of heat stress. All of your herbs still look green and lush...just a little envy on my end:)

  3. Tracy, my vegetable garden gave up due to heat stress, so don't be too envious. :-) The herbs get more water and more shade. It's just too hot here for full sun for most things, I think.

  4. Congrats on your rosemary! You will have a wonderful smelling home with all of those herbs indoors! Thanks for sharing your outdoor post on this week's Maple Hill Hop!

  5. I hadn't thought about how good it would smell - I bet you're right and now I can't wait to bring them in. What is your favorite herb to grow inside, Daisy?

  6. That looks wonderful. I think next season I am going to try to use containers for my herbs. They grow great until the summer heat gets them.

    1. Same here, Heidi. The containers worked great! I hope it works for you too.

  7. Your herbs are beautiful Kathi! I think my favorites are parsley and lavender because they are easy to grow and versatile :) Thanks for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays this week!

  8. Thank you, Jes. I haven't tried growing parsley in many years. It's on my list for next year; I hope it is as simple for me as it is for you.

  9. Everything still looks beautiful!

  10. Thank you, Nancy. I appreciate your visit!

  11. Hallo Kathi,
    there´s so great.
    We have also herbs , peppers , tomatos in containers.



  12. Hi Uwe, I hope your tomatoes, peppers and herbs have done great this year in containers!


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