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October 17, 2014

Follow-Up Friday

This week:

-- This month I had an article published on The Hoegger Farmyard blog, entitled "10 Tips to Prevent Barn Fires".

-- Are you a Pinterest fan? I run a group board called "Homesteading Community" that features homesteading topics.

-- This month I've been giving little peeks into daily life at Oak Hill Homestead via Facebook. I'm posting a snapshot of my day every weekday (almost), and sometimes on the weekend as well. Facebook being what it is, of course, you might want to comment or “Like” a photo occasionally so that you'll continue to see the updates. You might even have to remember to check out my Facebook page directly if you're not seeing the photos in your newsfeed. Sound like fun? I hope you'll join me. #beyondtheblog

Last year's photo; he's really matured since this was taken.

-- Phantom, my Nubian buck, is now out with the does. I hadn't realized how big he'd grown over this past year - he'll be three years old this spring - until I saw him next to the does. He's a good six inches taller than they are. He's thin because he's been in rut since the end of June, and he's in "full funk" as they call it - his face is dirty, he stinks, and he's rubbed the hair out of his "mane" from sticking his head through the fence. Just wait till I take his picture again this spring though, you'll be dazzled.


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