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Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- Delightful, the last doe kid, went to her new home. Thank you, Amanda!

-- We brought home another load of hay, which involved the changing of a very flat tire. The hay is now stored in a wandering-cow-proof place. The roof on one end of the shed is less than perfect, but that's what tarps are for.

This is my favorite place to buy hay. Their daughter was one of my 4-H girls. Hubby drove our truck and trailer around the field, but when I got out to help load I was told "we have it covered, Kathi, if you want to you can just sit in the truck." The now-nearly-graduated daughter and her boyfriend loaded the square bales out of the field and onto our trailer for us.

Hay season was very late this year. My neighbor, who cuts hay for several folks near us, said that although there was plenty of grass, it never grew very tall. Tractors and hay equipment line the country roads these days, and round bales dot the fields.

When we first moved to Oak Hill (and we were quite a bit younger!), we used to cut and bale our hay by hand. Nowadays our neighbor usually bales our hayfield on shares, and then I let the horses out there to graze over the winter. We still have the hand baler though, just in case we need it.

-- I had a wonderful opportunity to write for Hoegger Farmyard's Goat Health blog. I hope you'll go read it, I think it's an important topic: Ten Tips to Prevent Barn Fires.

-- One morning we had a good old-fashioned thunderstorm, the likes of which we haven't seen in several years. The thunder roared and the lightning flashed, and the rain came down in torrents. We left the house at 4:30 in the morning for hubby's shoulder surgery, and had trouble driving due to the ponding on the roads and the lack of visibility - it was bad! After about 15 miles though the rain stopped, and the roads were bone-dry.

Hours later, on the way home the rain began in about the same place. It was the end of the storm but lightning still flashed ahead of us as I drove. We had close to an inch in the rain gauge at home.


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  1. Amanda9:07 AM

    Thank you Kathi! She is "Delightful" but we shortened her name to Delilah because it is not such a mouthful :-). I have spoiled her already and she is no longer the shy, stand-offish doe I took home. She is first to the gate and first in line for petting and love. She is so sweet and already follows me step for step. She has bonded to the little wethers and they are funny little trio. We are so excited to get this girl in tip top condition so we can have some healthy kids and healthy milk supply. Thanks again for helping me finally make this long time goal a reality

  2. Amanda, I'm glad she's fitting in so well. I was sure she'd get friendlier once she was away from her mom, but I'm happy to hear that it happened so quickly and that she's equally friendly with you and the wethers. You are so welcome. Please keep in touch!

  3. We pray your husband recovers well and quickly from his surgery.


  4. Thank you for your prayers, Fern, they are always appreciated.


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.