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October 24, 2014

Friday Follow-Up

This week:
-- I found eggs! I have only one hen left now, and she hadn't laid an egg since spring. I thought it was either because she's old, or because she or another chicken was eating them, or we had a snake in the chicken coop. Then they found a hole in the chicken wire of the run and for the past two months they've been free ranging. Nemo, the other hen, disappeared a week or two ago, leaving me with just Little Red and the two roosters. Was Nemo the egg eater? Is Little Red happier now that she's free ranging and has a higher protein diet from eating bugs? Maybe all of them were eating eggs but don't feel the need to do so now. Maybe they did it out of boredom. Whatever the reason, I found nine eggs in a corner of the coop. I tested them all in a deep bowl of cold water, and only one didn't lay flat on the bottom. That one was still "safe" to consume though, the end just lifted up a bit. Since finding the nest, I've collected 3 more eggs for an even dozen.
-- I've been harvesting the herbs; more on that next week with a little giveaway.
-- We've had a little rain. The leaves are changing colors - as much as oaks will change, anyway - and it looks and feels like fall, my favorite season.
-- I started a fun project. Here's a peek:
-- This week's features included:
-- What's up in your corner of the world?


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  1. Oh what a fun surprise! I didn't know you could test eggs like that for eating viability. What is it that makes them float if they're bad?

    Are you planning on getting new chicks in the spring?

  2. Rose, you know the little air pocket on one end of the egg? The older the egg is, the more air in the pocket, which makes the egg stand up when submerged in water. If the egg actually floats you know it's way too old to eat!

  3. That's so interesting! Thanks!!

  4. You're very welcome, Rose. Yes, I am planning to get more layers soon.


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