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October 31, 2014

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- On Monday's post "Harvesting the Herb Garden" I wondered if chocolate mint could be used for anything other than sniffing as I walked past the plant. Thanks to reader Bobbi D., who pointed out this post titled Easy Chocolate Mint Extract Recipe from Common Sense Homesteading, I now have a small jar of chocolate mint "extracting" in my kitchen!

-- My huge aloe vera plant broke. It was on the shelf over my kitchen window (you can see it in the picture above, on the far right of the shelf), and when I opened a cupboard door I pushed against it too hard and heard it snap. I repotted what was left since it needed it anyway, there were several "babies" so I just gathered them up a bit and repotted them all in the original pot. I went in search of another pot for the large part that broke off, and ended up repotting my smaller calendula plant since it will die off soon anyway, and potted up the long broken piece. The stem is very curve-y and it was a challenge to replant. We'll see how it does.

-- Wednesday night's forecast was for "patchy light frost", so I harvested all the orange tomatoes, the reddening paprika peppers, the herbs and calendula flowers, and I brought the annual herbs inside for the night. I covered the Arkansas traveler tomato plant which is still covered with green tomatoes, and the paprika plant. I made one last trip to the abandoned garden and picked the sweet and bell peppers that had somehow survived. That joke was on me; it never dipped below 42 degrees and the frost is now forecast for tonight/tomorrow morning instead.


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  1. Awww, thanks for the mention. :) I am tempted to buy myself a chocolate mint plant so I can make some too. :) Can't wait to hear how it works out.

  2. Give credit where credit is due. :-) Thank you for the tip, Bobbi!


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