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November 7, 2014

Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- We were blessed with over an inch of rain this week.

-- I ran into a vet tech friend while in town, and told her about our cat Collins and how difficult it is to give him a pill. She said it's ok to powder the drug he's supposed to get and to mix it with water and a bit of honey. She suggested pureeing some canned cat food too, and slurping it all up in a needleless syringe like I've been doing with the powdered pills. I'm holding him wrong though, instead I should take him by the scruff of the neck like his mother would and lift him so his front legs are off the floor, then syringe his medication in his mouth from above, not from underneath like I've been doing. It keeps me out of reach of his claws. I still need three hands, but then again, I needed three hands the way I was trying to do it before too.


-- This week's posts included Perennial Tomatoes, Year Four and The Continuing Saga of My HomeMade Vinegar. That's some "live" vinegar! Right now it's doing a terrific job of attracting and killing fruit flies in our kitchen. Evidently I brought home a herd of fruit flies on a bunch of bananas from the store. I poured about a quarter of an inch of vinegar in a bowl, added a splash of water and a drop of dishwashing liquid (to break the surface tension of the liquid, so that the insects can't "walk on water") and left it on the counter. There is a collection of dead fruit flies on the bottom of the bowl.

-- What I found: this great article with ten awesome uses for aloe vera from the Herbal Academy of New England. This post tells how to harvest the gel, how to save it, and when to use it. My huge aloe vera plant broke last week, so I was happy to find out I could save the gel from the spears that broke off and put it to use on something other than burns and sunburn. Definitely worth a read.

-- Cool product: this week I discovered the Kindle Voyage. (affiliate link)


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  1. Thank you for the link about Aloe Vera. It does have some great information.


    1. I thought so too, Fern. I'm glad you found it helpful.


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