Friday Follow-Up

This week, while the eastern half of the country was buried in a blizzard, we were basking in the 70's. We had three January days in a row over 75 degrees, breaking a 122-year-old record. It was nice while it lasted. Now we're back to normal, but spring isn't that far off.

We've been working on the new goat shed, it's now a skeleton standing tall in the pen. Those 70-degree temperatures were perfect for building, but hubby worked overtime each of those days so they slipped by. Yesterday we had a cold front come through, but he was home early enough that we could put in two hours on the construction project. Holding up the "ribs" of the building in high winds while he put up the braces was tricky, but we got it done. My feet and hands were freezing by the time the sun set and we went inside for dinner.

This will be a much smaller building than the big barn was, but I won't be storing feed and hay in it so I don't need so much space. It won't have electricity, instead I'll be using solar light and heat. One of our son-in-laws (sons-in-law?) has offered to build a soda can solar heater that I found online; he's as intrigued by the idea as I am. The new shed will provide a place to separate kids from does so I can milk, and a place to milk out of the weather.

-- This week's posts were the story of how we Grow Fruit on Our Homestead (or how we don't, in some cases), and the conclusion to my series A Month of Soups, White Bean Tortellini Soup. This is a delicious, quick-to-fix soup.


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