Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- Hubby had surgery last week; he's home now after several days in the hospital. I'm thankful for the family members who came to help and be supportive. I haven't accomplished much this week besides looking after him and doing the chores.

Our neighbor's cows came to visit this week, the first time since fall - two Holsteins and two that were maybe brown Swiss. Evidently our neighbor moved them out of their more-secure winter pasture. It reminded me that it's time to shut the gate on the hayfield and confine the horses to their summer pasture so we can let the hay grow. Normally I would have done this before the first of April, but because of hubby's surgery I wanted more leniency in my chores, so giving them access to all that grass until after hubby was home again was just common sense.

I also sold all of the goat kids before the surgery date and am milking only two of the does once a day. This wasn't our plan for this year - I had planned to keep one of the doe kids, and was looking forward to a lot of milk over the summer - but it is what it is and we've adapted as needed.

It just keeps raining. I'm not complaining at all; our ground is saturated as much as ten inches underground and that's a wonderful thing. The unplanted garden is too wet to walk in and the yard looks like a jungle, but rain is a true blessing in Oklahoma.

The blackberries began blooming on Thursday, and the flowers are abundant. I've read that this should be a really good year for fruit; I really hope it will be. According to the old timers, we should have dry weather during the blackberry flowering time for the best harvest. I know our weekend is supposed to be dry but we have a possibility of severe weather today.

-- This week's posts were Shepherd's Purse and A Visit to Red Sky Farm, the second in a series of homestead visits.

Have a blessed week.


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  1. Wow, that is a lot of rain! California could sure use that. I do hope that your hubby is mending well.

  2. Thank you, Terry. I know how badly California needs rain.


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