A Slice of My Life

On Monday I turned off the blacktop onto a dirt road and saw 
this. I stopped, backed up, rolled down the window and took its
picture, and it never moved. Vultures are big, scary birds.


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  1. Thank you Dicky Bird.

  2. Wow, wonderful photo. One of those "can't believe I actually have my camera with me...!" moments.

    My husband and I were driving north on the California coast several years ago and as we came around a bend a bird appeared from just below the bluff line. My split-second thoughts went as follows: Wow large hawk I mean eagle I mean "OH MY GOD A CALIFORNIA CONDOR HONEY HONEY LOOK NO WAIT DON'T LOOK DRIVE BUT OHHHH!" It went up and over us, and its wingspan was bigger (by far) than the car. I did NOT have my camera handy, but it was a marvelous moment in time.

  3. Oh, Ava, what a heart-stopping moment! Even if your camera had been handy you probably wouldn't have gotten a picture of that, but you will always have the mental picture and the memory. Wow!

  4. That's something one doesn't see everyday for sure. - They do look quite large.

  5. It was quite striking, Ida. I didn't think it would stay on the mailbox if I backed up, but thought I'd give it a try because I'll probably never see another one that close up again.


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