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Fencelines (or Give Me Paris)

It's obviously been many years since our perimeter fences were put up. There are trees growing up along the fenceline, and bushes and vines are intertwined with the barbed wire. This picture, taken in winter, shows the leaning fenceposts but not the summer vegetation that swallows up the fence each year.

Several of our neighbors are working on clearing their fencelines this year. The new owner of one spread has had the front fence ripped out, including the wild pink roses that made such a gorgeous display in the early summer. I'm disappointed that I won't be able to see the roses spilling over the fence as I drive past their place on my way to town. Instead there is open land devoid of greenery of any kind. It looks stark and sterile.

Another neighbor took down a span of old fencing but hasn't done anything further in several months. I'm guessing that when the weather cools off they'll be replacing the t-posts and wire. Their demolition took down a patch of sand plums and a wild peach tree. The wildlife will miss the food source.

Our "next door neighbor" took down his front fenceline several years ago with a bulldozer. The new fence effectively keeps his cows where they belong. He also checks our shared fence every fall and spring and does any work that's necessary, which I really appreciate. My horses once escaped into his hayfield. He fixed that breach in the fence as soon as he could and he has my undying gratitude.

When we had some ground work and tree removal done to prepare for our goat barn, I had to stop the dozer guy from taking down more trees. The trees block the view of the road and for the most part I don't want to see the road. (There are some well-designed spots where we can see the road; we planned it that way.) I can imagine that on the other side of the trees is my best friend's farm, or the town where my children and grandchildren live, or even Paris! Don't take away my fantasy.

I realize that old fence wire needs to be replaced in order to keep the stock on the right side of the fence, and that it's much easier to refence a line without trees, poison ivy and thorny bushes. Someday we'll have to do it too. On the other hand it's a shame that the trees and bushes have to come out. As for me, I want to have Paris for as long as possible.

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  1. We were just discussing the need for us to clear out our fence lines last night. I really like the privacy that the weeds and vines provide, but yes, they are a destructive nuisance. Our neighbor cleared his property lines a couple of years ago and it changed the landscape here dramatically!

  2. That's exactly how I feel, Jamie. I love the privacy but I also realize that eventually we'll have to clear out the trees and brush to refence. I'll enjoy it while I can. Fences must be kept in good order, so don't feel bad... and the weeds and vines will grow back if we let them.

  3. Like everything else in life, it's a balance, isn't it? So glad you get to keep your fantasy for a little while longer! ;0D

  4. Thank you, Daisy.

  5. It looks like an incredibly beautiful place where you live. I can't imagine looking out and seeing horses and cows. What a dream that would be. My backyard is filled with other people's houses :). I love the flower picture!

  6. Thank you, Candace. Maybe you can create a haven in your backyard and pretend Paris is on the other side of the fence?

  7. What a great neighbor! It just goes to show that good fences make for good neighbors - and sometimes, good neighbors make great fences! What a blessing to have a neighbor like that one!

    1. He truly is a blessing, Carla!

    2. He truly is a blessing, Carla!

    3. He truly is a blessing, Carla!

  8. It is always need a luck to have good neighbor, you have it, thanks for sharing this post with Hearth and soul blog hop,


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