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White flowers on the plum tree

The red plum tree began blooming this week. I opened the front door to let the dogs out on Sunday morning and was shocked to see the slim branches of delicate flowers waving in the strong breeze. I thought it was the earliest it had ever bloomed - it wasn't even March yet - but a quick look at my records gave me the truth: in 2012 the tree bloomed on the same date. It's early, but not the earliest.

Dwarf plum tree with white blossoms

In past years, the tree has bloomed on:
2/21/17 (I've edited this post to add blooming dates after this post was written)
As you can see I've been keeping records on this tree for ten years. We planted most of the fruit trees the autumn after we moved here, so they are almost 13 years old. The average blooming date for this tree is March 9th.

Close-up of plum flowers

We had such a mild winter this year and the trees are blooming so early that many people are afraid we'll have a late last frost and lose all the fruit.


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