Friday Follow-Up

A week on the homestead

This week:

The Muscovy duck eggs in the incubator are hatching! There are two broody hens in the chicken coop. The Muscovy hen's eggs should be hatching in about a week or so (if she manages to hatch any of them this time). Egg-babies are so cute, aren't they?

For the past couple of summers we've had a pair of roadrunners as neighbors. One or both are often in the front yard in the afternoon, hunting for bugs in the grass. For the first time this week I saw one high up on a branch in one of our oak trees.

Vase of roses and Bible

The rose bushes are blooming profusely. They give me such joy. I've been cutting two or three roses for the jar I use as a vase in what I call my office. In past years I've occasionally had flowers in the house, but this week I decided that if there are flowers outside, I should have some of them inside too. Regularly. Every day!

This week's posts were:

Chicks, hatched by a duck


How to improvise a "straw box cooker".

My Friday Find:

How to make seven days' worth of meals for survival, a quick and easy way to start your food storage.


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