For the Love of Mason Jars

I love Mason jars. I use them to store anything and everything: leftovers in the refrigerator, buttons and paperclips and little bits of ribbon, and dry staple foods.

Storing dry pasta in canning jars.

I do use Mason jars for their original purpose: canning. Whether it's our apple harvest, sweet and sour plum sauce using the plums from our trees, a gift of buckets of pears from our insurance agent, wild blackberries, stew meat from our steer, homemade chicken broth, or leftover Thanksgiving turkey, it will end up in a jar in my canner.

Old blue Ball canning jars

My favorite jars are the old blue canning jars. I have a few of them, in both pint and quart size. I buy them when and if I find them at a reasonable price just because they're pretty. I don't use them for canning; I don't think the color is appealing with apples or chicken broth inside. They're prettiest when the light shines through the empty jar or when they hold a bouquet of wildflowers.

An antique green glass canning jar

I even have a green-tinted jar with the old-fashioned shoulders. You can see the imperfections in the glass; I think it must be really old.

A special edition canning jar

Friends and family have donated to my canning jar collection. I brought half a dozen quart jars home when my brother and I cleaned out our childhood home. Hubby once gave me a box of wide-mouth half-gallon jars (he knows the way to my heart, doesn't he?) I bought five regular-mouth half-gallons from the thrift store (the dead cricket inside one of them was free).

A vintage Mason jar marked "Pine"

A couple of years ago I hit the jackpot, and bought 20 dozen used jars for a dollar a dozen from a Craigslist ad. Just $20 for 240 jars. There were some interesting ones in the collection, such as the Pine jar above, this Atlas Strong-Shouldered Mason below, and a Presto. has a brief history of Mason jars and other brands of canning jars if you'd like to learn more.

A vintage Mason jar marked "Atlas"

We use pint Mason jars as our everyday drinking glasses. It not only justifies my collection, it also means we have enough jars for everyone who is visiting. 

How do you use Mason jars, besides canning?

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  1. Sonia3:03 PM

    It looks like your Ball jar is from 1896-1910. There are images online showing the logos and the years each logo was used.

  2. These are so cool! Last summer I was given four or five huge boxes of jars. That's a great way to expand the collection. :) Your's have much more character though! :)

    1. Delci, that's even better than buying them for $1 a dozen. Lucky you!

  3. You have beautiful collection of mason jar, thanks for sharing with Hearth and soul blog hop.

  4. I love mason jars too. I store my dried goods in them to keep bugs out and it makes my pantry look pretty. :)

    1. Filled Mason jars lined up on pantry shelves are a wonderful way to decorate, Tracy.

  5. I like canning jars, too. I agree about not canning with the colored ones. A lot of foods don't look as appetizing, but they're very pretty as vases or storage containers. It's fun to have a variety of styles and ages, too. They're humble, durable, and infinitely useful!

    1. Absolutely, Michelle! I love having them around for all sorts of uses. But applesauce in a blue jar just wasn't very appetizing. lol

  6. I love having mason jars around! I have a few of the blue ones that are from the 1930's, and my favorite way to use them is to put a bouquet of flowers in them, especially anything pink or purple :) While I only own a few odd shaped jars from jams or jellies I've purchased through the stores, I'm always eyeing up the unique ones they sell in the canning aisle, but I just can't justify the price. I was really excited to find a box of new jars for $3 less than normal price recently... we are just starting to seriously get into canning our food, so we really need to build our collection!

    1. Keep looking, Danielle. I've found some GREAT deals on jars, and have had some given to me by friends who knew I'd appreciate them. (I love flowers in them too!)


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