Make a Chicken Swing for Free

Are your chickens bored? Is cold, wet weather giving them cabin fever? You can build a playground to keep your hens entertained, starting with a chicken swing.

You're likely to have the needed supplies on hand already, which means your swing project won't cost you a dime.

How to build a chicken swing

You'll need something to hang the swing from: a beam across the top of the chicken run, an overhanging tree branch, or a roof beam inside the coop. Our run has a wire top; several 2x4's run across the top from side to side to hold the wire fencing taut across the top. I attached the swing to one of the 2x4's.

You'll also need the following:
a 1x1" or 1x2" board, a branch, or a piece of rigid PVC pipe
twine or rope

Choose a relatively straight branch, about an inch in diameter, to use as your swing. Or perhaps you have a 1x1" or a 1x2" board or a piece of PVC pipe leftover from another project. The length of the swing is up to you. Since the branch I used was about two feet long, that's how long my swing is.

You'll need some twine or rope to hang the swing with. I used hay twine, since we have plenty of it. The hay twine is made from plastic so I know it won't rot as quickly as string might. Clothesline rope or whatever you have on hand will work. You'll need two pieces, one for each side of the swing. Allow extra length for the knots at top and bottom.

(In case you're wondering, I have a shower curtain on top of the run for shade.)

If you wish, you can screw some eye hooks into each end of the swing and/or to the beam the swing will hang from. I simply tied one end of the hay twine around the 2x4" on the top of my chicken run and the other end of the twine around the branch. Do the same with the other piece of twine at the other end of the swing.

Adjust the twine or rope so that the swing hangs level, parallel to the ground. My swing hangs about eight inches off the ground.

I tried very hard to convince my hens to model the swing for you, but they said it was too cold and windy to come outside. So there you have it, an empty chicken swing.

With a little imagination you can provide a playground to keep your chickens amused and entertained. Move things around occasionally to keep the fun fresh and new.

What do you do to keep your chickens entertained?

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