A Slice of My Life

Two days ago, the buds on the plum trees were ready to burst open. 
I wonder what they look like today? I might have to post another photo!

In past years, the earliest the plum trees have bloomed was February 28th, in both 2016 
and 2012. We'll break that record this year. The red plum tree always blooms first 
but the yellow plum is always close behind. I've kept track of the 
blooming dates for over ten years.
My bees will love this early source of pollen and nectar next year.


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  1. Kathi--I LOVE this shot! Beautiful.

  2. What a gorgeous photograph, Kathi! It's so lovely watching our plants and trees bloom over the years, and keeping track of when it happens. That always feels like home to me. Thank you for sharing a little slice of your life with us at Hearth and Soul. Hope to see you again this coming week.

    1. April, thank you. You're right, seeing the same things bloom in succession each year does make it seem like home. Thank you for hosting your hop each week, I always find something great to read!


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