A Slice of My Life

The first time I tried to grow potatoes, all they did was rot in the ground.
But I'm trying again, because if nothing else, I'm persistent.
This time they actually grew and have grown up over the 
top of the trash can. We're looking forward to some Yukon Golds!
(And if it works, next year we'll grow lots more.)


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  1. Hi Kathi
    Any tricks in that trashcan? Soil? I like the trashcan and the potatoes! laura

    1. Check out tomorrow's post, Laura!

  2. I found that the trick with potatoes is that they need soil that drains well so that they don't rot. I hope your experiment works out well...I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of yield you get! :)

    1. That's probably why I had such a rotten experience the first time. We hadn't lived here long and our soil was just nasty clay. Hopefully this time will be better; I've been working on our soil for years.


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