A Slice of My Life

Sharon, one of my Muscovy duck hens, went broody rather late in the year - and she only had two eggs. Halfway through the brood time, one of the eggs was pushed out of her nest so I disposed of it. More weeks went by as she sat on just one egg. On Friday her one little duckling hatched.

Papa Duck has a habit of killing ducklings, so I snatched up the baby and set her up in a brooder with a nice lamp to keep her warm. It's not worth taking one or two ducklings to the auction so they end up staying here and becoming pets.

I'm referring to this one as "her" and "she" instead of my usual "little guy." So far all of my single babies have been males; maybe this one will be female. (Edited: it's a girl!!!!)
Yes, evidently the feed bowl is the most comfy place to sit.

You can read about Sharon's first clutch of ducklings here and how my farm sitter came to the rescue.
By the way, Papa Duck is going to a new home soon. His oldest son Frank (Sir Frances Drake) doesn't kill ducklings and will replace him in my small flock.


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