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We harvested over 11 pounds of sweet potatoes from just ten plants. (c) Oak Hill Homestead

Our sweet potato harvest

I planted 12 slips from just one sweet potato in a metal sink this year. They thrived and looked beautiful, and the container kept them safe from marauding armadillos and gophers. We harvested over eleven pounds of sweet potatoes; I'd pulled up a few potatoes a couple of times for dinner, so the eleven pounds was from ten of the plants.

I plan to do it again this spring. I'll just change the soil in the sink so I'm "rotating" crops.


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  1. I planted sweet potatoes for the first time last near. I planted nine plants that I bought at Lowe's and got 40# of potatoes. I think planting potatoes (sweet and regular) is fun!! I like having to DIG for them - it's always a surprise because you don't really know whats under the ground!

    1. That's super, Kris! I know my harvest was limited a bit by container size (the amount of dirt they grew in) and because I planted a bit late. Digging for them is like finding buried treasure!


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