A Slice of My Life

We had two lovely days last week, sunny and over 70°.
That means bees were out foraging for food. I was "buzzed" while in the yard
and didn't even mind. I'd put out a bowl of plum jam I canned a few years ago
(it isn't our favorite so I have several jars left in the cupboard). 

While doing the late afternoon 
chores I couldn't help checking, and was thrilled to see that bees
have found it and were enjoying the sugary jam. 

Hopefully these are my bees, but 
they might belong to my neighbor's hives or be wild bees. My reasons 
for having bees are to pollinate the garden and fruit trees, 
and second, as a source of our own honey. Whether these are mine or not, there will
 be bees to work our little homestead orchard this spring.


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  1. GREAT idea!! I wish more people would help protect bees. My next door neighbor had a deadly "bee bag" out on our property line some years ago which captured what I later discovered were bees from a huge hive in our cupola, and he of course dumped them in the garbage. I still regret not stealing it and setting them free!!!


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