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Our dwarf red plum tree is always the first of our fruit trees to bloom. It's thirteen years old now and beginning to slow down, not producing as large a crop as it used to. Pruning it has been neglected for several years and it's due for a good hard pruning; I'm hoping that will make a difference in the future.

Today the tree burst forth into bloom and the bees and other pollinators weren't far behind. By the time the apple trees bloom, butterflies are ready to join the party too. I love those swallowtails.

Tuesday morning

I've kept a record of the blooming date every year. The earliest blossom was on February 21, 2017; the latest was March 24, 2010. This year it's right in the middle of average.

Now for a little housekeeping: I've been using Feedburner to deliver my posts to those of you who wanted to receive them, but some of you have told me that you don't get my posts anymore. This week I'm moving to a different email service and will be turning off the Feedburner feed.

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In other words, you can sign up for either the weekly email, the Simple Homestead blog hop notification, or both. Choose which fits your needs best - and of course you can always go right to Oak Hill Homestead at any time to see what's new without waiting for an email!

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