Cluck, a Book of Happiness for Chicken Lovers

Every chicken lover knows that chickens are beautiful. They're also fun to spend time with and are a bit quirky, which makes them endearing and interesting pets.

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My grandmother had a flock of bantam chickens of all colors. When I visited it was my job to feed them a coffee can full of scratch feed and to collect the eggs they laid in hidden nests high up in the stacked bales of sweet-smelling hay in the barn.

Finding the eggs was one of my favorite summertime adventures. Being flogged by a rooster is not one of my favorite memories, but it added color to my childhood.

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Grandmother's flock free-ranged on what she and Grandaddy called their "ranchette." Since I wasn't allowed to ride my horse without an adult, and the adults didn't like to be outside in the summer heat, I spent a lot of afternoons watching the birds' antics as they pecked at bugs in the yard and avoided being stepped on by horses.

You can learn a lot from hanging around with chickens, and now that I have a small flock too, I find myself passing on some of those nuggets of knowledge to my own grandchildren.

This week I discovered Cluck, a Book of Happiness for Chicken Lovers, full of quotes and proverbs about chickens. From inspirational to amusing, the quotes describe chickens perfectly and are always memorable. 

Some are from famous folk such as Oscar Wilde and Grandma Moses, others are from not-so-famous folk like that guy named Anonymous. You'll even find some of Benjamin Franklin's wisdom on Cluck's pages.

Each quote is accompanied by a beautiful photograph of colorful chickens. If you have a favorite poultry breed, you'll probably find a representative on the pages of Cluck. I enjoyed spotting some Rhode Island reds, Orpingtons, and Plymouth Rocks, all of which I've kept in my chicken coop here at Oak Hill. The photos of sweet little chicks made me smile, especially when they also included a dog, rabbit, cat or kids.

Part of the Animal Happiness series, Cluck is edited by Freya Haanan and published by Exisle Publishing. For more details, see the listing at

Cluck is a celebration of hens, roosters and chicks, and it's sure to steal any chicken-lover's heart. Why not order a copy for the chicken lover in your life - or one for yourself.

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