A Slice of My Life

The poeticus daffodils went a little crazy this spring. We've never had so many blooms!

They bloom late and are quite small, but when they put on a show like this,
they are amazingly pretty. 

I'm thankful to the unknown woman (or her husband) who planted the bulbs so many years ago.


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  1. Marion Cook7:19 AM

    Since we just moved in last Fall, our gardens are full of surprises ! Tulips so far and what I think maybe daffodils, which have not bloomed yet ! Still waiting for time to plant our garden outside, the end of May , but using the time to prepare. Hope you are feeling better and enjoying your Spring !

    1. Hi Marion! Spring in a new house is fun, discovering and identifying all the various plants and trees. Bulbs are an unexpected surprise. I hope you have a wonderful garden year! And thank you, I am feeling better.


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